Monday, May 5, 2014

Puzzle #9 Solution

RG2014.9 Harder - Solution

RG2014.9 Easier - Solution

I had fun cluing this puzzle, but based on some solver feedback it sounded like it was on the challenging side. Though I like varying the difficulty levels of these puzzles, and don't mind a super-hard puzzle now and then, I do want to make sure that the challenge is still fair. I hope that was the case here. Row A was the seed, and I especially liked the clues to D2, I2, and Row L, though I realize some of those are devilishly hard. How did this puzzle treat you?


  1. This was a great puzzle. I tried the hardest version at first but then needed to step down to "harder." I had to walk away and come back several times to complete it. To me that's the perfect level of difficulty.

  2. We always do the hardest version. Until I read S Patton's comment it had not occurred to me that we could drop down to an easier level.

    As you said a super-hard puzzle now and then is a good thing and this ranks extremely high it that group.

    The itionoinio in D was amusing... I - K were very hard and L was just twisted IMHO!