Monday, October 20, 2014

Puzzle #21 - Solution

RG2014.21 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2014.21 Easier/Easiest - Solution

B2 was the seed entry for this puzzle. The last three months of the year have plenty of options for seasonal-based entries, so expect a few of those as we close out the year. I tried a couple of iterations of B2 (plural, -ING, etc.), and the blooms weren't cooperating very well, but I am happy with what turned out. Always nice to get a 5 word entry in a puzzle (J2), though I'm pretty sure I've used that entry before (too lazy to scour the archive, but I think I used this entry as a seed like three years ago). Anywho, hoped you liked this one, and #22 drops next Tuesday.

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  1. I loved "Producer of small tracks!" I'd never heard "leaf peeper" before, but it sounds appropriate.