Thursday, April 23, 2015

Puzzle #8 Solution

RG2015.8 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2015.8 Easier/Easiest - Solution

Only until I made the solution for this puzzle did I realize how many debut entries there are in this puzzle. According to my databases, B1, C1, D1, D2, E1, H1, and J1 are all debuts. Now, some of those are mere plurals whose singular forms have been used, but still...something that I like to do is put in some fresh entries in each grid, and of course I try for some clever cluing for the Rows entries. Blooms entries I like to clue pretty much straightforward, to keep the difficulty level reasonable.

Row A was the seed, though mostly because of a cluing angle that I happened upon when I was cluing a puzzle for AriesXword. I ended up not using the clue because the entry in question had to be excised from the grid because of minor grid surgery during the editing phase. I decided to salvage the gist of the clue here.

Til next week!


  1. Andrew,

    Love the puzzles. I have one request. Is it possible to create the post when the puzzle comes out (and add the solutions later)? I ask this because it seems there are no longer any comments, and they were fun to read when there were more of them.

    1. Good suggestion. I'll start putting a placeholder post the night that I send the puzzle out, starting with tonight.

  2. Found this one to be particularly challenging. I normally try to work the Hardest entry first, but after getting stuck about halfway up, I broke down and used the Harder version with word numbers to break through on G2. Usually I find that either the Bloom clues are easier or vice versa. Both were difficult this time as there seemed to be multiple answers for some of the Blooms. For example I had Tamils for Sri Lankans, pester and bother for Greatly annoy and about four different things for Living places, none of which was abode. I suppose that is what make these so interesting is picking a definition which has many six-letter synonyms. Don't know if that is intentional, but definitely makes the solver's life "Hardest".