Monday, April 27, 2015

Puzzle #9 Solution

RG2015.9 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2015.9 Easier/Easiest - Solution

I got incredibly lucky with this puzzle. Usually the toughest part of writing a Rows Garden grid is finishing the darn thing. It's not uncommon that the last two rows of the puzzle take as long to write as it did the previous ten rows. Here, though, I got it on the first pass - once I had locked in Row J, I tried the entry at K1, then found Row L with a convenient trigram at the bottom-left-most White Bloom, which accomodated K2 at the first attempt there. Grand total, probably five minutes on those two rows. I realize the glee that I experienced is probably not shared by too many others, but I figured I'd share it with you anyway.

B1 was the seed here, along with its built-in clue. I was happy to get a bit of a mini-theme with the A and L rows; I'd love to say that that was planned, but it never is.


  1. This puzzle, IMHO, went together better than the last one. Try as I might, "meerschaum" would not fit as Sherlock's get-up. Good and challenging puzzle. Thank-you

  2. Believe me, I know the feeling of struggling to nail down the last couple rows. Glad to hear that someone who's much more experienced at this type than I has this problem as well.