Wednesday, April 24, 2019


This week I've got a free Rows Garden to share! As is the case with the puzzles that I send out each week to Aries Rows Garden subscribers, I offer these in four levels of difficulty: Hardest, Harder, Easier, and Easiest. See the sidebar for a description of each level, as well as general instructions for solving Rows Gardens if you're new to the format.

I've also included an RGZ file for use in the new Rows Garden app - I highly recommend this app if you've got an iPad or iPhone!

Happy solving!

Aries FREE RG - Hardest (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - Harder (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - Easier (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - Easiest (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - RGZ (for use in the Rows Garden app for iPad and iPhone)

Aries FREE RG - Solution (PDF)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Aries Cryptic #13

Back again for this month's cryptic! This is a 15x15 block cryptic. It really is a step up in difficulty in constructing cryptics going to 15x15. In general, the longer the entry, the more difficult it becomes to clue. This grid has no entries under five letters, lots of seven- and nine-letter fact, there's no entries with an even number of letters, as I'm just noticing now. Hope you enjoy!

Aries Cryptic #13 - PUZ

Aries Cryptic #13 - PDF

Aries Cryptic #13 - SOLUTION

Intro to Cryptics Guide - PDF

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Aries Throwback - "Double Threats"

For the first Aries Throwback puzzle, I've got a themed puzzle from the Aries Xword archives. Only going back to 2017 for this one, but I thought this was an appropriate puzzle to post as the NHL playoffs started on Wednesday. The first round of the NHL playoffs in particular are always great - four games a night, intense action, overtimes galore. There are no upsets come playoff time, either, evidenced by wild cards Columbus and Dallas notching road wins over division champions in Wednesday's action. I have no dog in the fight this year, so I'm adopting the Flames and the Islanders as my teams (my apologies, Flames and Islanders fans).

As for the puzzle, I did edit both the grid and the clues, so even if you solved a couple of years ago on its original release, there will be some new stuff in here for you. Hope you enjoy!

Aries Throwback - "Double Threats" - PUZ

Aries Throwback - "Double Threats" - PDF

Solution - PDF

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April FREEstyle

Kicking off the new free Thursday puzzles with this freestyle offering. It's a 16x15 puzzle with 71 words and 28 blocks. I've included a PUZ file for computer solving and PDFs for paper-and-pencil solving, as well as the solution.

Remember to follow the Aries Puzzles page on Facebook for all updates on new puzzles. Next week I've got a themed throwback puzzle from the Aries Xword days lined up!

Happy solving,


April FREEstyle - PUZ

April FREEstyle - PDF

April FREEstyle - SOLUTION

Monday, April 1, 2019

Free Puzzles - Now Every Thursday!

Starting this Thursday, April 4th, I'll be releasing a free puzzle every Thursday right here at! Here's the tentative schedule of the puzzles that I'll be featuring on Aries Thursdays:

1st Thursday: Aries FREEstyle, a challenging original themeless crossword.
2nd Thursday: Aries Throwback, a (usually themed) puzzle from the Aries archives - these may be slightly or significantly edited from their original release.
3rd Thursday: Aries Cryptic, a challenging original block cryptic. Please note that Aries Cryptic will no longer be published on Mondays, and they'll be reduced to once-a-month from their current bi-weekly schedule. To make up for the difference, expect 15x15 block cryptics to be the norm.
4th Thursday: Aries FREE Rows Garden, a challenging original Rows Garden.
5th Thursday (when applicable): Wild card. Anything may go here, including variety cryptics, Puns & Anagrams, and a new variety format that I developed called Twists & Turns.

Check back here on Thursday for the first free puzzle!

Also, I've launched a new Aries Puzzles page on Facebook. I'll be posting on Facebook whenever I publish anything new on this site, and I'll also be posting when I send out subscription puzzles for Aries Freestyle and Aries Rows Garden. Be sure to follow the page for all Aries Puzzles updates!