Thursday, July 29, 2021

Aries Cryptic #32 - "Left Behind" (Contest)

Aries Cryptic #32 - "Left Behind" - PDF | Intro to Cryptics (PDF) 

Back with another variety cryptic, and it's a contest! There are full instructions on the PDF, and be sure to email your final answer by Thursday, August 12th for a chance to win a two-month Aries subscription. I'll pick both a current subscriber and a non-subscriber as winners, and I'll post the solution once the contest period is over. Special thanks to Neville Fogarty for suggesting this puzzle's title.

I've updated the monthly bundles through July so be sure to scoop those up if you're not already a subscriber. Speaking of which, subscriptions are always open! The summer subscription special ($18 for a 6-Month Bundle) is still ongoing, which makes a perfect introduction to an Aries subscription. Here's the Paypal link for the summer special:


Happy solving!

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Summer Subscription Special

Summer's here and there's a special subscription offer running: a 6-Month Bundle for $18! That includes 52 puzzles - 26 Rows Gardens and 26 Freestyles -  delivered straight to your inbox. If you've waited to become a subscriber now is a great time to sign up! Limited time offer. Subscribe through Paypal here:


The June bundles have also been posted, along with the 2021 First Half bundles for Aries Rows Garden and Aries Freestyle

And finally I have a puzzle in the Indie 500 charity puzzle pack! These puzzles were originally slated for the 2020 tournament which of course did not occur, but the puzzles are now available with a $10 charity donation. Be sure to pick those up if you haven't already!