Aries Puzzles produces two weekly email-delivery subscriptions: Aries Rows Garden and
Aries Freestyle.

Aries Rows Garden offers challenging Rows Garden variety puzzles. Check out the Rows Garden Archive to solve a few of the 100+ free Rows Gardens posted there.

Aries Freestyle offers challenging themeless crosswords. Here are a few samples of Aries Freestyles: 1-PUZ  1-PDF  |  2-PUZ  2-PDF  |  3-PUZ  3-PDF

Subscriptions are available in 1-Year and 6-Month options.

Save by bundling! Aries Bundle combines both Aries Rows Garden and Aries Freestyle - two puzzles per week - at a discounted rate.

ARIES BUNDLE (Rows Garden + Freestyle)

1-Year (104 puzzles) $50 SPECIAL! $45 
6-Month (52 puzzles) $30  SPECIAL! $25

Bundle (Rows Garden + Freestyle)

1-Year (52 puzzles) $35 SPECIAL! $30
6-Month (26 puzzles) $20 SPECIAL! $15

Rows Garden

1-Year (52 puzzles) $25 SPECIAL! $20
6-Month (26 puzzles) $15 SPECIAL! $12


Some more details:
-Aries Rows Garden puzzles are delivered to your inbox by 9 AM ET every Tuesday. Puzzles are offered in PDF format and .RGZ format (for solving in the Rows Garden app, available for iOS devices) and come in the four levels of difficulty described in the sidebar.
-Aries Freestyle puzzles are delivered to your inbox by 9 AM ET every Wednesday. Puzzles are offered in PUZ and PDF formats.
-Puzzles will be sent to the email address that you use to subscribe through Paypal. If you'd like the puzzles sent to a different address, just send me an email with the email address to which you'd like the puzzles sent.
-Puzzles will be sent from an email address ending in []. To ensure consistent puzzle delivery, be sure to add [] to your safe senders list (or "whitelist") with your email provider.
-Don't do Paypal? No problem! Send me an email and I can give you an address to send a check through postal mail.