Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Aries Cryptic #35 - "Leap Day" (Contest)

Aries Cryptic #35 - "Leap Day" - PDF | Solution (PDF) | Intro to Cryptics (PDF)

Back this February 29th with a variety cryptic appropriately titled "Leap Day" - and it's a contest! PDF only this month, and all the relevant instructions are included in the PDF. Email me the final three-word phrase by Sunday, March 10th for a chance to win a 3-month Aries Rows Garden subscription. Two winners will be chosen - one for a current non-subscriber, and one for a current subscriber who will receive a 3-month extension to their current subscription.

Speaking of Rows Garden subscriptions, a reminder that subscriptions are always available. The February monthly bundle has also been added to the archive as well.

Happy solving!

3/14/2024 UPDATE: The solution has been posted. Thanks for all who solved! 62 solvers submitted a correct answer, and the two randomly selected solvers who received a three-month Aries Rows Garden subscription were Roman Koshykar and Priscilla Olson. Congrats to both Roman and Priscilla!