Thursday, March 28, 2024

Aries Acrostic #3

Aries Acrostic #3 - PDF | JPZ | Solution (PDF) 

Back with another Acrostic for this month's variety puzzle! While I don't construct acrostics too often, it is a fun challenge to break out the Scrabble tiles and build a word list from the quote letters. It's a different kind of construction challenge that has the effect of making several hours go by very quickly. Brain twisting for sure but satisfying at the same time. Anyway, I've got a PDF and a JPZ version posted. To solve digitally, download the JPZ file and then head over to Crossword Nexus and open the file. Either way you solve, hope you enjoy!

Also, the Monthly Bundles for Aries Rows Garden have been updated through March. Snap up a bundle or two, or even better, save the wait and subscribe to Aries Rows Garden for a weekly fix of puzzly goodness.

Happy solving! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Aries Cryptic #35 - "Leap Day" (Contest)

Aries Cryptic #35 - "Leap Day" - PDF | Solution (PDF) | Intro to Cryptics (PDF)

Back this February 29th with a variety cryptic appropriately titled "Leap Day" - and it's a contest! PDF only this month, and all the relevant instructions are included in the PDF. Email me the final three-word phrase by Sunday, March 10th for a chance to win a 3-month Aries Rows Garden subscription. Two winners will be chosen - one for a current non-subscriber, and one for a current subscriber who will receive a 3-month extension to their current subscription.

Speaking of Rows Garden subscriptions, a reminder that subscriptions are always available. The February monthly bundle has also been added to the archive as well.

Happy solving!

3/14/2024 UPDATE: The solution has been posted. Thanks for all who solved! 62 solvers submitted a correct answer, and the two randomly selected solvers who received a three-month Aries Rows Garden subscription were Roman Koshykar and Priscilla Olson. Congrats to both Roman and Priscilla! 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Ice Boxes

Ice Boxes - PDF | Solution (PDF)

Back with a second Boxes puzzle for this month's variety puzzle. From a solving perspective, these puzzles are among my favorite of the Patrick Berry-developed variety puzzle types, and they're very enjoyable to create as well. PDF only for this format - hope you enjoy!

Still one Tuesday to go in January so check back next week for the January bundle for Aries Rows Garden puzzles. 1/30/2024 UPDATE: The January monthly bundle is now posted! Of course, you can always subscribe to get the puzzles week-by-week so you don't have to wait for the bundles. 

Happy solving!

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

FREE RG - December 2023

FREE RG December 2023 - PDF: Hardest  | Harder | Easier | Easiest | Solution | RGZ 

It's been a while since I've posted a free Rows Garden, so what the hey. See above for the PDFs as well as an RGZ file for digital solving. As always, happy solving!

Year 10 of Aries Rows Garden just wrapped up but a reminder that subscriptions are always open. Year 11 is a rare 53-Tuesday year so subscribers will get an extra puzzle in 2024. I've also updated the monthly bundles through December 2023 as well as the archive, including the 2023 Second Half puzzles and the full 2014-2023 bundle. 

Here's to a great 2024!