Thursday, July 2, 2020

July FREEstyle

July 2020 FREEstyle - PUZ | PDF | PDF (Grayscale) | Solution | "Night Moves" Solution

Back with this month's FREEstyle, which is a 64-word, 34-block puzzle. Going with a rectangular shaped 14x16 grid for a change of pace. Hope you enjoy!

Congrats to Patrick Jordan and Richard Allen for winning the "Night Moves" cryptic contest! Thanks to all 116 solvers who submitted a final answer - I was pleasantly surprised by the high number of entrants for this contest. For those interested in the solution to "Night Moves," see above.

Also, I'm happy to plug the freshly released "Grids for Good" puzzle pack, available upon a donation to a charity for Covid relief or racial justice. There's over 40 puzzles written by a wide range of crossword stars, including a few variety puzzles and metapuzzles with prizes for winners. High quality work which goes towards supporting worthy causes - get on it!

Thursday, June 25, 2020


June FREE RG - PDF: Hardest | Harder | Easier | Easiest | Solution

June FREE RG - RGZ (for solving in the Rows Garden app for iPad/iPhoneAndroid, and Kindle Fire)

Here's the June FREE RG. This puzzle started with the entry at C2. I enjoyed including the entry at H1, however I initially thought that the first bloom would be impossible to cross. But no! I really like those blooms that look like nonsense at first glance. 

Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding last week's variety cryptic "Night Moves"! I've received over 100 correct answers so far, which definitely exceeded my expectations. The contest is open through Sunday, so if you haven't solved yet, there's still time to get in on the action.  

Happy solving!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Aries Cryptic #27 - "Night Moves"

Aries Cryptic #27 - "Night Moves" - PDF | Solution Intro to Cryptics Guide (PDF)

This month's cryptic is a variety cryptic - and it's a contest! Email me the two-word phrase as described in the puzzle's instructions by Sunday, June 28th for a chance to win a two-month Aries subscription. For this contest, I'll be picking two winners - a current Aries subscriber, who will receive a two-month extension to their subscription, as well as a non-subscriber who will receive a two-month Aries subscription of their choice. PDF only for this puzzle.

Happy solving!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Aries Throwback - "Super Stars"

Aries Throwback - "Super Stars" - PUZ | PDF | PDF (Grayscale) | Solution

Here's the Throwback puzzle for the month, titled "Super Stars." This easy-medium puzzle was originally published in The Growler in 2017. Hope you enjoy!