Thursday, April 29, 2021

Combinations #1

Combinations #1 - JPZ | PUZPDF | PDF (Grayscale) | Solution (PDF)

I have something new for the variety puzzle this month, a crossword variant called "Combinations." Instructions are included on the PDF and I have a JPZ and PUZ files for digital solving - you can use Crossword Nexus or Xword for solving JPZ files. Instructions are included in the Notepad in the digital versions.

This format evolved from a couple of separate ideas I had been developing over the last few months. Any and all feedback is highly encouraged! I'm wondering if there is a future with this format so comments on the solving experience would be very helpful. Hope you enjoy!

I've also added the April bundles for Rows Garden and Freestyle - check those out if you're interested in what to expect with a subscription

Happy solving!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

ACPT Week - Free Rows Garden + Freestyle

Aries Rows Garden #8.15 - Hardest (PDF) | Harder (PDF) | Easier (PDF) | Easiest (PDF) | Solution (PDF) | RGZ (For use in the Rows Garden app for iPad/iPhoneAndroid, and Amazon Fire)

Aries Freestyle #4.15 - PUZ | PDF | PDF (Grayscale) | Solution (PDF)

It's the weekend of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament! The ACPT is a annual puzzling tradition, and this year makes its online debut. While I won't be able to compete in the tournament this year, I did want to take the opportunity to welcome new visitors to the site and share some free puzzles (as is standard when attending the tournament).

An Aries subscription is available in two formats: Rows Garden and Freestyle. I've got a recent puzzle of each posted above - these are puzzles from a few weeks ago. Happy solving! 

I've also updated the monthly bundles through March so check those out if you want a taste of what you'll get as a subscriber. There's also the Rows Garden archive and additional side projects available in the Crossword archive

Good luck to all solvers this weekend! New variety puzzle next week.