Monday, November 19, 2018

Aries Cryptic #4

Thanks for the feedback regarding "Slasher Film"!  Back to a standard block cryptic this week, 13x13 in size. Hope you enjoy!

ICYMI - last week I released my latest crossword EP, called STRETCH. It's a collection of eight oversized themeless puzzles featuring stretched-out rectangular grids. For more info and to purchase, click here.

Cryptic #4 - PUZ

Cryptic #4 - PDF

Cryptic #4 - Solution

Intro to Cryptics - PDF

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

STRETCH - A Crossword EP

It's my pleasure to announce the release of STRETCH, a crossword EP! This collection is comprised of eight oversized freestyles all featuring rectangular grids. With grids ranging from 15x19 to 23x15 and between, these crosswords are designed to be a fun challenge - if you've been enjoying Aries Freestyle so far this year, these puzzles are clued at a similarly challenging difficulty level.

STRETCH is on sale for just $5! For more details and to purchase, click here.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Aries Cryptic #3

Back again with the first variety Aries Cryptic, titled "Slasher Film." This puzzle is PDF-only, and is offered in two versions: one with full enumerations, and one with no Down enumerations, which is a more challenging version. If you're an experienced cryptic solver like myself, I'd recommend solving the harder version. If you're newer to cryptics, or especially if you're new to variety cryptics, I'd recommend solving with the full enumerations. Hope you enjoy!

Aries Cryptic #3 - Harder version (no Down enumerations) - PDF

Aries Cryptic #3 - Full enumerations - PDF

Aries Cryptic #3 - Solution - PDF

Intro to Cryptics - PDF

P.S. Thanks for the feedback regarding the split six-letter answer in last week's grid. I'll avoid splitting them in the future; ultimately I just think it will be easier (and will save future confusion) to use three-letter entries in cryptics. I'll keep those to a minimum - zero ideally, and two at most in a grid.