STRETCH - A Crossword EP

It's my pleasure to announce the release of STRETCH, a crossword EP! This is the second freestyle EP, following last year's THE STAGGER SESSIONS, and is comprised of eight oversized freestyles all featuring rectangular grids. From 15x19 to 23x15 and between, these crosswords are designed to be a fun challenge - if you've been enjoying Aries Freestyle so far this year, these puzzles are clued at a similarly challenging difficulty level.

Titles include:
Plane Speaking
What Can You Say?
Fast Food
Face of Change

STRETCH is available for just $5. All purchases include the full 13-page PDF, including cover art, the introduction, the puzzles, and the answers, as well as PUZ files for electronic solving. A large-print version of the PDF is also available upon request after purchasing. To purchase using Paypal, click below and STRETCH will be delivered to your Paypal email address immediately upon purchasing. If you'd like to pay by check, send me an email and I can provide you with a mailing address to send payment.