Monday, April 1, 2019

Free Puzzles - Now Every Thursday!

Starting this Thursday, April 4th, I'll be releasing a free puzzle every Thursday right here at! Here's the tentative schedule of the puzzles that I'll be featuring on Aries Thursdays:

1st Thursday: Aries FREEstyle, a challenging original themeless crossword.
2nd Thursday: Aries Throwback, a (usually themed) puzzle from the Aries archives - these may be slightly or significantly edited from their original release.
3rd Thursday: Aries Cryptic, a challenging original block cryptic. Please note that Aries Cryptic will no longer be published on Mondays, and they'll be reduced to once-a-month from their current bi-weekly schedule. To make up for the difference, expect 15x15 block cryptics to be the norm.
4th Thursday: Aries FREE Rows Garden, a challenging original Rows Garden.
5th Thursday (when applicable): Wild card. Anything may go here, including variety cryptics, Puns & Anagrams, and a new variety format that I developed called Twists & Turns.

Check back here on Thursday for the first free puzzle!

Also, I've launched a new Aries Puzzles page on Facebook. I'll be posting on Facebook whenever I publish anything new on this site, and I'll also be posting when I send out subscription puzzles for Aries Freestyle and Aries Rows Garden. Be sure to follow the page for all Aries Puzzles updates!


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  1. Thanks Andrew, I'm looking forward to adding your puzzles to my weekly rotation! :)