Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Puzzle #2 - Solution

RG 2015.2 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG 2015.2 Easier/Easiest - Solution

Apologies for the very short post. I'm off to Colorado this week and am busy in preparations. Though we've had a very mild winter here so far (a welcome respite from last year's disastrously cold and snowy winter), a long weekend in Colorado Springs is always something to look forward to. My condolences to those stuck in the winter blizzard out east - I can certainly relate!

B2 was the seed here, and I like the cleverness I was able to wrangle out of some otherwise ordinary entries (I'm looking at you, C1 and E2). Not a ton of Scrabbly letters in this grid, and it's in these situations where cluing can deliver the freshness of a puzzle. Hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Puzzle #1 Solution

RG2015.1 Solution - Hardest/Harder

RG2015.1 Solution - Easier/Easiest

Starting the year off with a bang! We've been in a deep freeze for a while now (well, it's Minnesota, so what should I expect), and I burned through a long list of seed answers a while back, so it was a bit of a struggle to brainstorm some fresh new entries. I ended up using B1 as the seed; though I stopped watching Colbert years ago, I remember watching the first episode, and then saw the final song also featured his first guest, so I thought it'd make a good trivia clue. Also happy to work in D1, E1, F2, and J2, and I liked the clues on G1 and H1.

Hope it treated you well; welcome again to Year #2 of subscriptions.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Puzzle #26 Solution

RG2014.26 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2014.26 Easier/Easiest - Solution

I hope this year's Rows Gardens was as pleasurable to solve as it was for me to create them for you. I went into this puzzle using B2 as the seed, not clued as the cartoon pair but in reference to the eggnog-esque cocktail commonly drunk during the Yule season. As it turns out, however, the drink is a regional one special to the upper Midwest (where I hail from), so I went a different direction in the cluing. Otherwise, I liked debuting Row A and F2.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Puzzle #25 Solution

RG2014.25 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2014.25 Easier/Easiest - Solution

That's me on the right, and my buddy Troy on the left.  This photo was taken in Omaha, Nebraska, where this weekend we took in our favorite college hockey team, the St. Cloud State University Huskies, playing the Mavericks of the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

This is the third year Troy and I have taken a road trip, and while our first two trips were nearly blemish-free (Huskies went an impressive 3-0-1 in those games), the results weren't as favorable this weekend, as St. Cloud lost two tough close games. Still, the games were entertaining, we met (and imbibed with) some more hardcore Husky road-trippers, and the weather was a welcome reprieve - it threatened to hit sixty, tropical temperatures compared to the cold snap we've had in Minnesota over the last month or so.

As for RG #25, B2 was the timely seed answer, and I've been seeing many of those togs as of late. I was happy to get a number of nice entries in the grid, but decided to go a little easy on the cluing; consider it an early Christmas gift.

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