Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Aries Throwback - "Comeback Kids"

Aries Throwback this week! Going back to 2015 for this puzzle, titled "Comeback Kids." I made a slight revision, mostly in the northwest corner, which included changing part of the first theme entry. Looking back on this puzzle, one thing I really like was the non-theme long fill, particularly 11- and 34-Down. I always made interesting non-theme fill a priority for Aries Xword puzzles; this is a good example of that effort.

If you're interested in solving more Aries Xword puzzles, be sure to check out Maverick Crosswords, which was published last year by Sterling Publishing. It's essentially a greatest hits mixtape of Aries Xword puzzles, which were originally published 2014-2017. It seems like eons have passed since I've written those puzzles, and it's always fun to look back on that early work. Hope you enjoy today's throwback!

Comeback Kids - PUZ

Comeback Kids - PDF

Comeback Kids - PDF (Grayscale)

Comeback Kids - Solution

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Aries FREEstyle

This week I've got a 71-word, 33-block freestyle to share. I've really enjoyed exploring freestyle layouts with either left-right or top-bottom symmetry in the last few years; this is an example of the latter. Using atypical symmetry can accommodate some stacks of unusual lengths. I'm fairly certain this is the only 14/12/14 center stack that I've written.

You'll see that I've included a second PDF with a grayscale version of the grid, as an ink-saving option for pencil-and-paper solvers.

Happy solving!

May FREEstyle - PUZ

May FREEstyle - PDF

May FREEstyle - PDF (Grayscale)

May FREEstyle - Solution

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Aries FREE Rows Garden

This week I've got a free Rows Garden to share! As is the case with the puzzles that I send out each week to Aries Rows Garden subscribers, I offer these in four levels of difficulty: Hardest, Harder, Easier, and Easiest. See the sidebar for a description of each level, as well as general instructions for solving Rows Gardens if you're new to the format.

I've also included an RGZ file for use in the new Rows Garden app - I highly recommend this app if you've got an iPad or iPhone!

Happy solving!

Aries FREE RG - Hardest (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - Harder (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - Easier (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - Easiest (PDF)

Aries FREE RG - RGZ (for use in the Rows Garden app for iPad and iPhone)

Aries FREE RG - Solution (PDF)