Monday, August 25, 2014

Puzzle #17 Solution

RG2014.17 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2014.17 Easier/Easiest - Solution

Had fun meeting up with legendary constructor Brendan Emmett Quigley this past weekend. We sweated through a hot-as-blazes Twins-Tigers game at Target Field, and had some good discussions regarding puzzles and whatnot. Good times. I assume you're doing Brendan's twice-weekly puzzles on his blog; if you're not, well, shame on you.

Hope you enjoyed this one. One of my favorite clues here on display, at Row 1. What'd you think?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Puzzle #16 Solution

RG2014.16 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2014.16 Easier/Easiest - Solution

I did something that I've never done before while constructing a puzzle (standard crossword or otherwise): I went for a pangram. This wasn't the plan as I started, of course (B1 was the seed), but after I put in G2, I realized I was a Q short of a pangram. So I strove to include one, and it became apparent that it was possible to use the entry at I1. Normally I think pangrams are a sort of worthless stunt (outside of a thematic purpose for it), especially in a standard crossword where it's not that tough of an achievement. But I rarely have written pangrammatic Rows Gardens, for the mere fact that it's a lot tougher to pull off cleanly, and I took a chance and went for it. Hope you enjoyed it.