Monday, April 27, 2015

Puzzle #9 Solution

RG2015.9 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2015.9 Easier/Easiest - Solution

I got incredibly lucky with this puzzle. Usually the toughest part of writing a Rows Garden grid is finishing the darn thing. It's not uncommon that the last two rows of the puzzle take as long to write as it did the previous ten rows. Here, though, I got it on the first pass - once I had locked in Row J, I tried the entry at K1, then found Row L with a convenient trigram at the bottom-left-most White Bloom, which accomodated K2 at the first attempt there. Grand total, probably five minutes on those two rows. I realize the glee that I experienced is probably not shared by too many others, but I figured I'd share it with you anyway.

B1 was the seed here, along with its built-in clue. I was happy to get a bit of a mini-theme with the A and L rows; I'd love to say that that was planned, but it never is.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Puzzle #8 Solution

RG2015.8 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2015.8 Easier/Easiest - Solution

Only until I made the solution for this puzzle did I realize how many debut entries there are in this puzzle. According to my databases, B1, C1, D1, D2, E1, H1, and J1 are all debuts. Now, some of those are mere plurals whose singular forms have been used, but still...something that I like to do is put in some fresh entries in each grid, and of course I try for some clever cluing for the Rows entries. Blooms entries I like to clue pretty much straightforward, to keep the difficulty level reasonable.

Row A was the seed, though mostly because of a cluing angle that I happened upon when I was cluing a puzzle for AriesXword. I ended up not using the clue because the entry in question had to be excised from the grid because of minor grid surgery during the editing phase. I decided to salvage the gist of the clue here.

Til next week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Puzzle #7 Solution

RG2015.7 Hardest/Harder - Solution

RG2015.7 Easier/Easiest - Solution

B2 (and its accompanying clue) was the seed, and I also liked the entries as B2, D2, and I2, as well as the clues to D2, H1, and J2. I didn't like that the first three Medium blooms (crossing the Row A entry) as well as the first three White blooms were all similar in that they all started either in the top left triangle of the bloom or the bottom right. These are the easiest way to work with blooms in constructing the puzzle, and also the easiest to work with while solving; as it's the natural inclination to see those three-letter halves as the start or end of the bloom, so I like to change them up (see the ABUSES bloom in Row B, where the A starts in the bottom left and ends in the bottom center of the bloom - it's harder to parse that bloom from a solving standpoint). Sorry if this doesn't make much sense.