Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Twists & Turns #1

I'm excited to debut a brand new variety puzzle format called Twists & Turns! I've worked hard to develop this format over the past few months and now it's time for solvers to take a crack at it.

The directions for Twists & Turns are included in the PDF below. For the maiden puzzle, I'm only offering one difficulty version, with the Twists listed in grid order, though if I write more of these, I do intend on also offering a "Harder" version that lists the Twists alphabetically (similar to a Harder Rows Garden listing the blooms alphabetically). I want solvers to get the hang of the format first, however, so this first puzzle lists the Twists in grid order.

Because this is the first ever T&T, I'd really appreciate solver feedback on this one! If you liked it, or if you didn't, I'd very much like to hear from as many solvers as possible. I really enjoyed writing this first puzzle, and I have some ideas for further exploration of this format, but you the solver are the ultimate judge, and your feedback will be extremely helpful as I consider the future of Twists & Turns. Don't hesitate to leave a comment below, or you can always send me an email too.

Happy solving!

Twists & Turns #1 - PDF

Twists & Turns #1 - Solution


  1. I just finished! I got off to a great start and thought it was very easy, but then got completely stuck in the box with 25—I couldn't come up with either the twist or the turn. I also got confused on the twist where 10 and 11 are: I was thinking of the two hyphenated words in the opposite order! But all in all, lots of fun. THANKS!

  2. Really enjoyed this puzzle, reminiscent of some other formats but with several neatly distinctive elements (the turning horizontals, the multiple directional options for the Twists). Kept having to remind myself that Twists could start OR end in the center square. Some of the Twists with repeated or mirrored letter patterns (SORELOSER, NAMEBRAND, etc.) were especially tricky to orient, given the multiple options. Would definitely prefer having the Twists in alphabetical order for the added challenge.

  3. Agree with previous comments. I really like these types of puzzles (and love your Rows Garden series).

  4. The format was fun, similar to Rows Gardens. Will look forward to more.

  5. that was fun—I hope we get more!

  6. Loved it! I somehow made it harder on myself than it needed to be, since, for quite a while, I wasn't seeing that the numbers indicated where each Turn answer should begin. D'oh! But that added to the challenge -- and to the fun! Good one!