Wednesday, August 21, 2019

August FREE RG

Here's this month's FREE RG. This puzzle started with the entry at B2 - I've always enjoyed that term for some reason. I also like the entries at C1, E2, F2, and J1, among others, and among the clues, I enjoyed learning that bit of trivia in D1, so that may be my favorite clue.

Good news for Rows Garden fans who are Android users - there's a new Android/Kindle Fire version of the Rows Garden app that debuted for the iPad/iPhone in January! You can get the new Android app in the Google Play store and Amazon, and you can get the iOS version in the Apple store. Once you've downloaded the app, you can click on the RGZ file that is attached below to open the puzzle in the app. Solving Rows Gardens on the iPad has become my preferred RG solving option this year, so if you haven't gotten your hands on the app yet, do so now!

New variety puzzle next week - happy solving!

August FREE RG - Hardest (PDF)

August FREE RG - Harder (PDF)

August FREE RG - Easier (PDF)

August FREE RG - Easiest (PDF)

August FREE RG - RGZ (for iPad/iPhone/Android/Kindle Fire)

August FREE RG - Solution (PDF)

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  1. Love your puzzles!
    Are puzzle makers slightly dyslexic? They see letters and numbers differently in a good way.