Thursday, June 18, 2020

Aries Cryptic #27 - "Night Moves"

Aries Cryptic #27 - "Night Moves" - PDF | Solution Intro to Cryptics Guide (PDF)

This month's cryptic is a variety cryptic - and it's a contest! Email me the two-word phrase as described in the puzzle's instructions by Sunday, June 28th for a chance to win a two-month Aries subscription. For this contest, I'll be picking two winners - a current Aries subscriber, who will receive a two-month extension to their subscription, as well as a non-subscriber who will receive a two-month Aries subscription of their choice. PDF only for this puzzle.

Happy solving!


  1. Will a solution to this be posted now that the contest is over? I got everything quickly (for meeme) with the exception of 1D. I'm pretty sure of the answer on that one, but don't see the wordplay. Fun puzzle, thanks!

    1. Hi Jim, the solution is posted above, but Dropbox seems to be down at the moment. If you send me an email (address on the sidebar) and I'll email you the solution.

  2. Brilliantly done Andrew! How do you guys make these?!?!