Thursday, February 18, 2021

Aries Cryptic #31 - Hockey Game

 Aries Cryptic #31 - "Hockey Game" - PDF | Introduction to Cryptics (PDF) | Solution (PDF)

Back with a variety cryptic this month! This cryptic is titled "Hockey Game," and it's inspired by the "medley"-style cryptics that I primarily associate with the great Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon. If you're interested in some of Hex's medleys, here's one from 1983 and another from 2006.  These kinds of variety cryptics tend to play pretty tough, so get ready for a real workout!

It was fun to conceptualize a puzzle around hockey, which I love but aside from Bobby Orr gets pretty short shrift in puzzles. I get it - it's a niche sport and so I tend not to reference hockey all that much in my work. And if you're not a hockey fan, don't worry - there's no obscure hockey knowledge required to solve this puzzle. As always, hope you enjoy! 


  1. Where can I find the solution to The Atlantic Puzzler Medley cryptic?

    1. Looks like the solution would have been published in Jan 84, which I don't have access to. :( This is the archive that I used, which works for the 1983 and 2006-2009 Puzzlers (the other links I tried are dead).

      I could try to help with the '83 Medley - send me an email with the exact clues you're struggling with and I should be able to give you a nudge.

    2. 11A, 14A, 25A, 31A, 33A, 20D, 23D. I just can't get the hang of these puzzles because I can't figure out where the words go in the boxes. Looking forward to the solution to Crptic #31.