Thursday, October 28, 2021

From A to Z #1

From A to Z #1 - PDF | Solution (PDF)

To commemorate my recent move to AZ, I thought it would be appropriate to try a From A to Z variety puzzle. To my knowledge this is a format developed by Will Shortz - do correct me if I'm wrong on that. PDF only for this format, and instructions are included on the PDF. 

This was a fun format to construct. Even with unchecked squares involved, the grid was challenging to construct and the cluing conceit allows for some fun misdirection. The format has an ideal amount of constraints - the rules are tight enough that it doesn't feel too loose, yet there's also enough leeway built in that it's not overly challenging to construct as well. Which is a formula for a good variety format! Let me know what you think - I'd be very happy to revisit this format if solvers especially want to solve them.

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Happy solving!  


  1. Great puzzle, Andrew! Hope to see more of these! 🙂

  2. We had to print two of these because we both wanted to do it! Great format!

  3. Yes, please make more of these! So fun!