FIVE - A Rows Garden EP

I'm very excited to announce FIVE, a Rows Garden EP. Released in the fifth month of the fifth year of Aries Rows Garden, this collection contains five original Rows Gardens written by yours truly that all feature the motif of "five." One of these puzzles ("Gimme Five") is an oversized Rows Garden (two extra rows!) that features a theme and a meta final answer. While every puzzle in the collection is stand-alone in nature, each puzzle presents a unique twist on the number five, as evidenced by the puzzles' titles:

High 5
Take the Fifth
 V. Formation
 Five Points
Gimme Five

FIVE is available to purchase now for $5. The 12-page PDF, which will be automatically emailed to you upon purchase, includes the cover art, the introduction, the puzzles, and the solutions. 

The puzzles are offered in the same four difficulty levels as Aries Rows Garden subscription puzzles - Hardest, Harder, Easier, and Easiest. See the sidebar on this page for explanations of the difficulty levels. Please choose your preferred level of difficulty below when you order; if you'd like additional versions of the puzzles in a different level of difficulty, just send me an email and I will gladly email you one for no additional charge. Don't do Paypal? No problem - just send me an email and we can discuss a payment by check.