Friday, September 12, 2014

Meta Rows Garden - And it's a contest!

I’m excited to release this BONUS Rows Garden, and even more, it’s a meta contest! 

Instructions for solving the meta are included underneath the title of the Rows Garden. You may find the need to consult external materials to arrive at the meta answer; this is more than okay and indeed encouraged.

Once you’ve found the answer, email me at before next Wednesday, September 17th at 11:00 AM CDT with your answer in the subject line of the email. You only can send one answer, so make sure it’s right before submitting.

Two solvers who send in correct answers, chosen at random, will each receive a 2015 Aries Puzzles Rows Garden subscription, as well as an autographed copy of my upcoming book of standard crosswords, Creepy Crosswords

Feel free to share this link with family, friends, or any other interested puzzle people.


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