Monday, December 17, 2018

Aries Cryptic #6

Back again for Cryptic #6! I'm particularly curious what the solver reaction will be to the clue for 17-Down in this puzzle. Did I throw a strike with this one, or is it more of a wild pitch? :)

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Happy solving!

Aries Cryptic #6 - PUZ

Aries Cryptic #6 - PDF

Aries Cryptic #6 - SOLUTION

Intro to Cryptics Guide - PDF


  1. I thought the 17D mechanism worked. Definitely unusual wordplay, but it all holds together fine. Reminded me of some of the tricks that Kosman/Picciotto use in the Nation puzzle, which I really enjoy. I think this clue pushed the boundary nicely without going off the deep end (not to mix metaphors or anything...)

  2. I solved without noticing your note and will echo Al: it reminded me of a Kosman/Piccioto clue, even without my paying special attention to it.

  3. Kosman/Picciotto is good company to be in! Thanks for the feedback.

  4. I guess I just didn't get the clue. I answered CANDY because I had the crosses and used the "C and Y" but I'm still missing something.

    My alternative clue: Three Musketeers fire, then duty ends.

  5. So, for 17D, I'm assuming "Cy" is the definition, which is answered by CANDY (C and Y). So the wordplay is "Young award." Meaning that "candy" is "an award for the young?" I get it, but I would say...neither a strike nor a wild pitch, but maybe a ball wide outside? Still, props for giving it a shot.

    The real winner here is 8D ... that's some nice work!

  6. Yes, candy being something you would award to a child. "Reward" works better than "award," but then there goes the surface sense. Freely admit this is a little loose - thanks for the feedback!

  7. Candy was dandy, but liquor is quicker.