Monday, December 3, 2018

Aries Cryptic #5

Back again for Cryptic #5! There are a couple of clues I particularly like in this one, especially 1-Across. I happened upon the definitional part a while back and I've been waiting to make use of it; fortunately the wordplay part lent itself to a decent surface reading. Being a big Bob Dylan fan, the clue for 22-Across kinda wrote itself once I stared at the entry long enough.

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Also, cryptic fans ought to be aware of Patrick Berry's latest installment of The Crypt - I'm currently solving the puzzles, slowly but steadily, savoring every bit of cryptic goodness. Get it while it's hot! And the first two Crypts if you haven't already.

Happy solving!

Cryptic #5 - PUZ

Cryptic #5 - PDF

Cryptic #5 - Solution

Intro to Cryptics - PDF

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  1. Thanks - good cryptic. I only knew 1A because Bucky spoke at my college commencement! Lots of good clues. Best was probably 15A, favorite was 22A (but needed every cross to get it!)