Thursday, August 18, 2022

Labyrinth #1

Labyrinth #1 - PDF | JPZSolution PDF

For this month's variety puzzle I tried my hand at a Labyrinth puzzle. This is one of the many formats developed by the great Mike Shenk. These puzzles are featured every few months at the Wall Street Journal as a part of their Saturday variety puzzle offerings. Mike seems to clue these puzzles on the tougher side so I tried to do the same here. There's a PDF as well as a JPZ - for the JPZ file, download the file and then open it over at the Crossword Nexus solver. Hope you enjoy! 

Check back later in the month for the Aries Rows Garden and Aries Freestyle monthly bundles, or go straight to the source with a weekly subscription. 8/31/22 UPDATE: Monthly bundles are now posted! I'm getting the variety puzzle out a little earlier than usual this month as I'll be vacationing next week in my old upper Midwest stomping grounds - my first trip up there in several years.

I've been hearing good things from solvers about the Twists & Turns puzzle pack - be sure to purchase yours if you haven't already!

Happy puzzling!

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