Thursday, July 27, 2023

Spiral #3

Spiral #3 - PDF (Easier) | PDF (Harder) | JPZ (Easier) | SOLUTION 

Back this month with another Spiral puzzle! There are two PDFs included - according to testers, the Harder version played about as twice as long as they typically solve a Spiral in the New York Times, which only offers Spirals in the difficulty presented here as Easier. So if you're looking for a more serious challenge, give the Harder version a try. If you like how Spirals are presented in the Times, go ahead and solve the Easier version. There's also a JPZ file included which only offers the puzzle in the Easier difficulty. Whichever way you choose to solve, hope you enjoy!

The July monthly bundle for Aries Rows Garden has been posted. A reminder that a subscription for Aries Rows Garden is always available if you'd rather not wait for the monthly bundles.

Happy solving! 

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