2018 Subscriptions

I'm happy to announce that I am continuing the Aries Rows Garden series in 2018! As was the case for the first four years, 26 puzzles in total will be offered on a bi-weekly basis. Rows Garden puzzles are email-delivered Tuesday mornings. The first Rows Garden will be sent on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

Subscription price is $20 for 26 puzzles. All subscriptions will get you each and every puzzle in 2018, regardless of when you sign up.

NEW! I'm also happy to announce the launch of Aries Freestyle! Subscribers will receive bi-weekly email-delivered freestyle (or themeless) crosswords I've written exclusively for the service. In addition to the 26 bi-weekly puzzles, there will be four "wild-card" freestyle puzzles - these may be oversized, may feature a quasi-theme or a twist, or may be written by a guest constructor. Many (though not all) of these puzzles will be of the "stagger stack" variety, so if you enjoyed "The Stagger Sessions," these freestyle puzzles are right up your alley. Puzzle difficulty will range from hard to super-hard, so be prepared for a challenge!

Subscription price for Aries Freestyle is $15 for 26 puzzles. Freestyle puzzles will be email-delivered Wednesday mornings. The first Freestyle will be sent on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

BUNDLE! Save $5 by bundling - subscribe to both Aries Rows Garden AND Aries Freestyle for $30.

  • Rows Garden puzzles are available in 4 versions of difficulty: Hardest, Harder, Easier, and Easiest. See the sidebar for an explanation of the levels. Large-print versions are also available. Rows Garden puzzles are available in PDF format only; Freestyle puzzles are available in PDF and PUZ formats. 
  • Don’t do Paypal? I will gladly take subscriptions via check. Send me an email and we can discuss specifics. 
  • Be sure to use the same email for Paypal that you want the puzzles delivered to. If you want the puzzles delivered to a different address than your Paypal account, please specify in the comments box which email you'd like it delivered. 
  • Want to purchase a gift subscription for a friend or relative? No problem! Just be sure to use a separate Paypal transaction for a second (or third) subscription, and put the name and email of the giftee in the comments box. This will ensure that I won’t forget to send the puzzles to any solvers.
  • Miss out on past years' Rows Gardens? You can purchase 2014-2016 puzzle packs in the archive, which you can access by clicking here. 2017 puzzle packs will be available for sale in January 2018.

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  1. Looking forward to another year of fun puzzles!

    Thanks for all you do and Happy Holidays!

  2. Glad to be coming along for the ride! Good luck in your new venture. Youre the finest constructor on the land...bar none.Happy Holidays to you and the crew.