Wednesday, October 2, 2019

October FREEstyle

Here's this month's FREEstyle, which is a 68-word, 28-block puzzle. If you're an Aries Freestyle subscriber, you know that I've been tinkering with freestyles with low 3-letter word counts. This is another puzzle from that binge of puzzlemaking; just four 3s to speak of in this grid. The seed entry was 18-Across, and my favorite clue might be 27-Down. Hope you enjoy!

If you're not already a Freestyle or Rows Garden subscriber, make that happen! Special pricing going on now - $5 off most subscriptions. I've also updated the Monthly Bundles through September, so if you'd like to try a sample of the puzzles you'd solve as a weekly subscriber, go ahead and buy a bundle or two.

Happy solving!

October FREEstyle: PUZ | PDF | Grayscale PDF | Solution

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