Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Twists & Turns #2

I've got another Twists & Turns for you this week! If you remember the first T&T that was published back in May, you'll see that I've added a second version this time: a Harder version which lists the Twists in alphabetical order. I had a few test solvers try the Harder version and it played pretty tough, so be forewarned if you try the Harder version. The Standard version lists the Twists in grid order, and I recommend this version for those attempting the format for the first time.

As with the first Twists & Turns, I'd love to hear as much solver feedback as possible! Especially if you tried the Harder version, it would be very valuable to get an insight on the solving experience for these puzzles. It's tough for me to gauge how the format plays as I haven't actually solved one of these myself. I do enjoy writing them and have plans in mind to explore the format in-depth (perhaps in EP form), but I'd like to get a good sense of how well solvers enjoy these puzzles before I dive in headfirst. Whether you love the puzzle or, just as importantly, if you don't, please don't hesitate to send an email or leave a comment.

Happy solving!

Twists & Turns #2 - Standard Version (PDF) | Harder Version (PDF) | Solution (PDF)


  1. It's incredible how you make these intricate puzzles. Extremely well done!

  2. Just tried to do the hardest but spent an hour and really didn't have much. VERY VERY difficult. Finished with the standard and that I am sad to say is my level, the harder version would take too long.I really enjoyed the puzzle and it is the first one I have done. I echo the above poster "It is incredible how you make these intricate puzzles."

  3. Got through hardest in about the same time as an RG; it wasn't as bad as I feared. It helped that many of the Turn clues were straightforward. It's sort of unfortunate that usually you can put in only 7 of the 9 letters in the Twists at first, and have to wait to see where the head and tail go, but I guess it's endemic to the form.

  4. Glad to see you've done another one of these - I really enjoyed the first one a couple of months back. I'll add my 'amen' to the comments on 'how the heck to you come up with this stuff?'! Your brain must be wired in some twist and turn kind of way.

  5. I did the standard version and you're right, it played like a rows garden. My only stall was the intersection of Aviary items and Musical Constructions, I just couldn't quite get there. Very fun! Glad I didn't try the harder version though. Can I quibble about the clue "Brand with a trolley car in its logo"? CABLE car, not trolley car. We have trolley cars too, but they're different from cable cars.
    Native San Franciscan

  6. These are fun. They do play like an RG. Please keep 'em coming! (I'd almost like to see T&T's replace one of the crossword puzzles in the monthly rotation.)