Thursday, March 18, 2021

Twists & Turns #5

Twists & Turns #5 - Harder (PDF) | Standard (PDF) | Standard (JPZ) | Solution (PDF)

Back with another Twists & Turns! To recap, the PDFs are available in Standard and Harder versions; the Harder version lists the Twist clues alphabetically, so if you're looking for an extra challenge, go for the Harder version. If this is your first attempt at a T&T, try the gentler Standard version. To solve digitally,  first download the JPZ file, and then visit Crossword Nexus and select the JPZ file that you just downloaded and solve away! Note that the JPZ file is only available in the Standard version. 

I've begun work on a Twists & Turns project that I hope will be available in the early summer. It's fun to explore the different possibilities of the format, including different sizes and thematic variations. As the format is still maturing, any and all feedback is encouraged! Feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email with any feedback - positive or negative - that you may have. 

And finally a note that Rows Garden and Freestyle subscriptions are always open! Yearly and monthly bundles are also available. Treat yourself to a subscription or bundle for more puzzling goodness!


  1. Thrilled to see the return of Twists & Turns, and excited to hear about the upcoming project. It's definitely one of my favorite new puzzle formats.

    (One question, though: is there a reason that the numbers for several Turns in this puzzle don't appear in the PDF grids? I thought it might be part of a hidden meta, but I can't see any connections among the entries or the numbers, and there's no meta revelation in the solution. Thanks!)

    1. Good catch Jeff - not sure how those numbers disappeared from my draft, but of course they're supposed to be there. No meta or anything, just an error. PDFs updated!

  2. I thought the missing numbers were intentional to make the puzzle more challenging....and I loved it! Consider making this "mistake" a feature.