Thursday, May 26, 2022

Going Too Far #1

Going Too Far #1 - PDF | JPZSolution (PDF)

For this month's variety puzzle I took a stab at a Going Too Far puzzle. I believe this is a format developed by the great Frank Longo, and it's in the regular rotation for the New York Times variety puzzle. I found the format sneakily challenging to construct; I think it partly was due to the quote that I used being on the shorter side - no doubt if the quote was a few letters longer (and hence I had the benefit of using a few more blocks) the task wouldn't have been as difficult. But it was still a fun challenge to construct, and I hope it's a fun challenge to solve. PDF and JPZ files above - thanks to Paolo Pasco for creating the JPZ file! To solve online, first download the JPZ file, then head over to the Crossword Nexus Solver to open and solve. 

There's still a week left in May so check back next week for the May monthly bundles for Aries Rows Garden and Aries Freestyle to be posted. UPDATE 6/1: May bundles have now been posted! And a final reminder that subscriptions for Rows Garden and Freestyle are always open.

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