Thursday, June 30, 2022

Diagramless #3

Diagramless #3 - PUZ | PDF | PDF (Solution) 

Back with another diagramless puzzle! For paper solvers, there's a PDF - keep in mind that there are solving square and symmetry hints on pages 2 and 3, so be sure to print only page 1 if you're looking to save paper. For digital solvers you can download the PUZ file, then go to and upload the PUZ file and solve in their in-browser applet.  There are also the downloadable programs Diagnil and Xword that also allow for digital diagramless solving. Whatever way you solve, hope you enjoy!

The Monthly Bundles have been updated through June. In addition, the 2022 First Half bundles for both Aries Rows Garden and Aries Freestyle are now available. If you're not a subscriber yet but want a taste of what you'd get as a subscriber, be sure to check out these bundles. 

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for an announcement about a new puzzle project!


  1. Nice good diagramless puzzle. Course I see these so infrequently (and wouldn't know where to find more), that it seems I always have to relearn how to do them when I encounter them. Funny how that is.

    (please disregard the first, just got a little confused about the forms and how to post now)